On-Meet Privacy Policy

Last Updated: 17 December 2020

On-Meet aims to be the most secure and private video-conferencing company in the world. We have designed a simple software which encrypts calls end-to-end, and facilitates communication between people - we only store the minimal amount of data that we need to function as a secure communication service.

This is "Privacy by Design" - we have no ability to see your call or recall your data, even if we wanted to. We don't want to store your data, and we strive to minimize the data footprint on your systems. Meta-data that exists in On-Meet sub-contracted servers as a by-product of facilitating the calls will be deleted upon the closure the call.

On-Meet is not an anonymous communication platform: contact data and in some cases payment information is collected from customers, and this is attached to user accounts. We assert no ownership over this information - it continues to belong to users, and we utilize it only with user's consent until they have revoked that consent, or until an account is closed by On-Meet.

This policy is applicable worldwide, and even in jurisdictions with reduced legal privacy protection, we will always apply this higher standard stated here.

1. What information we collect

We collect information on subscribers/account holders, and on non-subscribers who are joining a call.

a. Subscribers

If you choose to use our service, we collect your contact information, including name, address (country), telephone number, and email address. If you choose to save contacts or call records, these will be saved to your machine, and removed from On-Meet systems as quickly as possible. Our website uses functional cookies, but not tracking or marketing cookies.

If you have a paid account, payment is done by 3rd party processors, which necessitates sharing information with them. When you use the credit card/payment forms of the 3rd party processor, On-Meet has no involvement and your credit card/payment data never enters our servers. If you choose to save your payment information, this is saved within the payment processors systems, and On-Meet continues to have no saved credit card/payment information from you - we receive the confirmation that you have paid the processor and are registered with them for future payment, and that's it.

b. Non-Subscribers Joining a Call

If you are not a subscriber, you can still be invited join On-Meet calls as a guest. Our services run from within a web browser, and you are will have to allow functional cookies for the software to work. Upon joining the meeting the meeting you will be asked to enter a name - and any record of this data, along with call data/personal identifying data will be deleted from On-Meet servers upon completion of the call.

2. How we process information

We process information in accordance with customer instructions. We connect callers with each other, and then promptly delete metadata from our system on the conclusion of the call. Our marketing and data analysis are restricted very narrowly, to the conditions outlined below.

a. All visitors to our website

We do not use any marketing or tracking cookies. All cookies employed for visitors have security purposes, functionality purposes, or legal purposes.

b. Subscribers

We facilitate the connection of users when they call each other. Thus, we transit encrypted call data between user devices - while taking care to minimize the existence of meta-data on our end, and delete is after each call. We also process subscriber data for the purpose of service payments.

If you provide us with contact information when creating your account, we can assist you in recovering your password, and informing you of changes to our Terms of Service. We will not use your data for promotional or marketing purposes, nor will you data be shared with third parties except when required by law or a court order.

c. Non-Subscribers Joining a Call

You may join a call without having an account - in which case the contents of your call will be transmitted in an encrypted form through our system. On-Meet will retain no information after the completion of the call.

3. Who we share information with

We share information only under the following terms:

a. Caller information with Subscribers and Other Callers

When a call is made, the two parties are connected, and as such the system will share caller contact information.

b. As explicitly allowed by users

Users will decide what information is shared with other call participants. Users may elect to only reveal their name, and not location, and they may refuse contact with other participants. Users may toggle their account preferences, to allow their account to be contacted by anyone, or only by those whom they choose to share a code/URL with.

c. Agents acting on our behalf

Your personal information will only be shared with third parties as necessary for technical services, such as payment processing, or because your account is part of a group subscription (for example, your employer or school who is paying for your account). Your personally identifiable information will never be shared with third parties without warning.

d. For legal reasons

We may be required to share information by authorities when compelled by a subpoena, court order, or in response to lawful requests by public authorities. On-Meet may elect to share information when we suspect a crime has been or will be committed, or that the Terms of Service for our software have been violated.

4. What your rights are under this privacy policy (GDPR, CCPA)

a. Data Ownership

Subscribers and users own all of their personal information. On-Meet may process user data in accordance with this Privacy Policy.

b. Right to Data Portability

Account data may be exported upon request. Please contact us directly: onmeetprivacy@on-meet.com

c. Right to be Forgotten and Right to Object

We delete non-active user accounts upon request, or after a reasonable period of time has elapsed and an account is in-active. Subscribers may delete their account information, or the account entirely at any time. We may retain data when we believe it is necessary to protect our legal rights, or to comply with a law or a court order.

d. Right to Access and Correction

Upon request by a Subscriber, On-Meet will inform that individual if we hold any personal data. Subscribers can request to view or modify their personal information at any time.

5. Data Storage and Retention

We store information for only the following purposes:

a) For legal record keeping purposes, such as payment records.
b) Subscriber information will be retained for as long as our service continues to be used. When an account is inactive, On-Meet will close an account after a reasonable amount of time has elapsed.
c) Data is kept temporarily in recovery and disaster back-up sites, for a limited period of time until it is re-synced with a subscriber's last update to their information.
d) We may retain information to protect our legal rights, or as required by law or a court order, or for the purposes of the prevention and detection of fraud or misuse of our services.
e) Once information is deleted, it cannot be recovered.

6. How we protect your information

We protect your information in a variety of ways:

a) the service is hosted in a secure environment, in data centres with a high standard of security
b) we maintain strict organizational security measures to ensure our own staff do not expose your data
c) during transmission, call data is encrypted - and meta data held by On-Meet is deleted upon the completion of calls
d) a "security by design" approach means that we strive to minimize the amount of data we hold to an absolute minimum needed for payment of services

Regardless, our privacy-centric approach is not a guarantee of safety. The device you make your call from may be compromised, or your account could be compromised if someone discovers your password. Please keep your login information safe, and exercise normal security precautions for the security of your device.

7. Cookies and how we use tracking

We do not use any marketing, tracking, or analytics cookies. All cookies employed for visitors have security purposes, functionality purposes, or legal purposes.

Cookies are used for authentication (to sign users in), for security (to make user interactions with our website and service secure), language settings (to allow the service to function in your chosen language), to provide certain aspects of the service, and to improve performance.

Third party cookies interact with our main website for the purpose of facilitating search engine indexing. No third party cookies are permitted to interact with the calling software. Sometimes our calling system is embedded within a third-party product, and for these circumstances please see the next section "Third Party Websites," as your interaction and use of the software on those sites is governed by their respective policies and not ours (i.e. they may elect to use it for marketing purposes, etc.).

8. Third party websites

On-Meet calling technology may be embedded in emails, messages, or websites which are run by third parties. This privacy policy does not apply to data collected on third party websites. We advise you to consult the terms and conditions for third party websites, to understand how they may collect and use your information.

We do not accept any liability for damage or harm which occurs from the use of third party sites.

9. Changes to this privacy policy

We retain the right to change this policy, and changes will be effective 14 days after the new policy has been posted to our main website.

10. Data location

Servers which process this data are located in Canada and Germany.

11. Impressum

On-Meet services is owned by On-Meet Technologies Corp., a Canadian Corporation.

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